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Welcome to the main menu of my personal web site! Choose Aircraft for information about, and photographs from, the Warbirds over Wanaka Air Shows. Astronomy provides a simple introduction to some southern objects worth looking at. Photography displays some of my best photos and discusses photography in general. Wine and Beer is a brief discussion of mainly New Zealand wine and beer, including tasting notes. Others contains anything else that doesn't fit in the other categories. Macintosh has some useful information and tips for using the best computer ever. Blog has my opinions on just about everything, including my Twitter and Instagram posts. Podcasts has audio versions of some of my favourite blog posts and web pages.

I usually write a blog post about once a week. The latest post can be viewed here: Media vs Internet: I don't think the media will survive long unless they change their strategies. (posted 2024-07-18 at 20:12:00). I do podcasts too!. You can listen to my latest podcast, here: OJB's Podcast 2024-04-30 The Fall of Rome: I'm afraid that we really might be seeing the demise of the greatest era in history..
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